Blake Bortles Captures Guy Who Tried To Steal His Truck At Party

May 11, 2018 at 11:18 am by Terez in Blake Bortles, NFL

The Jacksonville Jaguars quarterback and a number of his teammates were at a house party hosted by Brandon Linder on Wednesday night when some of them noticed a strange man lurking around the house. Upon discovering that he was not one of the invited guests, they tracked him down inside the house, apprehended him, and called the police. It wasn’t until the police arrived that Bortles and company learned just how right they were to be suspicious. When they checked surveillance video from the home, Police found footage of the man walking up from the street and getting into Bortles’ black Ford F-150, which was unlocked with the keys inside. The guy then tried to drive away in the truck, but it was boxed in by other cars. So he settled for Bortles’ wallet, which was also in the unlocked truck. At that point the video shows the thief, identified by police as 18-year-old Joseph Horton, go inside Linder’s house, where he was eventually apprehended by Bortles and company. Police booked Horton for burglary, grand theft, and trespassing. – TO