Bill Walton Thinks LeBron James Should Play For Free

May 7, 2010 at 10:10 am by Terez in Bill Walton, Cleveland Cavaliers, Lebron James

Oh no Terez..did Walton just say I should play for free again..

Bill Walton writes a blog in the New York Times..He rants about all sorts of NBA topics..He shares his thoughts on LeBron’s upcoming Free Agency..“What I would really like to see is LeBron play for free. There are rules that you cannot do that. You have to get a minimum salary. Say, ‘I’ll play for the minimum, I’ll make my money in the endorsement market — just spend the rest of the money and buy me some real players. Pay them. And lets make a real super team. And lets change the history of basketball” Interesting concept Big Red brings up..but It’s  always the old guys who are bitter they never made the money today’s athletes do..I hope Walton is joking..because he doesn’t sound like a basketball expert to me. -TO

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