Bill Belichick Recommends Tim Tebow Play Nose Tackle

March 23, 2010 at 10:47 am by Terez in Bill Belichick, New England Patriots, Tim Tebow

Terez, look at Timmy..His QB skills disgust me!

At the NFL owners meetings in Orlando, Bill Belichick was asked about Timmy Tebow..this was his response “I think it’s obvious that in the last six weeks he’s had some major changes,” said Belichick. “My sense of Tim Tebow is if you asked him to play nose tackle, he’d play nose.” So basically the supposed smartest coach danced around the big question, can Tim Tebow be a good NFL QB? Bottom line is if he had to change all his mechanics this late in his football life, maybe it wasn’t meant to be. Sorry Tim, you always have nose tackle to fall back on.. -TO

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