Big Joe Fauria Says Russell Wilson Stole His Girlfriend?

December 8, 2014 at 7:43 am by Terez in Big Joe Fauria, Detroit Lions

I'm all about the double coverage T...

I’m all about the double coverage T…

Late last night Lions tight end Joseph Fauria tweeted about his girlfriend Erika Hammond and Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson, basically suggesting that Fauria’s girlfriend is now hanging out with the Superbowl winning Quarterback. We’re trying to find out exactly what that tweet was all about, just hit up Big Joe via text, but it appears Fauria was just having a little fun with all the girlfriend stealing going on these days.-TO

Update: We just found out from someone in the know, that Big Joe and his girlfriend are all good. When they were on a break back in August, she and Russell Wilson were talking. He recently saw Wilson’s name in her phone, which was why he put out the tweet, but all is good with them now.-TO