Baseball great Jim Palmer to cash in on botched eye surgery

November 27, 2009 at 9:17 am by Terez in Jim Palmer

Terez, I can't see your site but my wife reads out your stories..absolutely hilarious..

Terez, I can't see your site anymore but my wife reads me your stories..absolutely hilarious..

Hall of Fame pitcher Jim Palmer’s bank account stands to grow substantially over the next few days, thanks to a West Palm Beach appeals court decision. The Fourth District Court of Appeal this week decided that a lower court here was right when it awarded the former Baltimore Orioles star more than $942,000 for his pain and suffering from a botched eye surgery. In February 2008, the Palm Beach County circuit court ordered star-struck eye doctor Tom Coffman to pay Palmer, 64, of Palm Beach, for damages sustained when Coffman implanted a multi-focal lens in Palmer’s left eye. Palmer told a jury at the time he feared going blind. He told me today he is better but still suffers from distorted vision at night and in bright sunlight. “I still have these flashes under artificial lights,” he said. “I’m a (Orioles) broadcaster, so night games are tough for me.” — Palm Beach Post

I don’t know…Palmer made out alright, but the dude’s got a funky look going on..that’s why I always question elective surgery.. -TO