Athletes Flock to Brittany Jackson’s 3rd Annual Charity Event

April 29, 2014 at 7:59 am by Terez in Brittany Jackson

Another amazing weekend T...

Another amazing weekend T…

This past weekend Brittany Jackson’s All Star Weekend closed with her 3rd Annual “Evening with the Stars” Event,  sponsored by DMG Structures & Healthcare Performance Partners the event took place at Wildwood Valley Inn & Conference Center. The red carpet event raised funds to benefit her former coach’s charity, The Pat Summitt Foundation, for the third year in a row. The evening was hosted by Brittany, along with all the celebrities in town for the All Star Weekend, and will be a memorable night of fun, entertainment and giving back. Here’s the list of athletes who showed: Jonathan Stewart- Panthers, Roman Harper – Panthers, Will Allen- Steelers, Albert Haynesworth- NFL Free Agent, Devean George- Former  Nba Player, Kyries Hebert- CFL, Leger Douzable- Jets.-TO

Jackson’s 3rd Annual All-Star Weekend

Terrell Owens at Brittany ’s All-Star Weekend