Offers to Pay Refs to End Dispute

September 26, 2012 at 11:56 am by Terez in NFL

I guess we're on the way out T...

After Monday Night’s controversial call that left Football fans and the Packers feeling cheated, extra-marital dating site has officially offered to pay the necessary funds to resuscitate the pensions of the National Football League’s 121 referees in hopes it will end the current lockout situation and put the refs back to work. In an official letter sent to NFL labor negotiator, Bob Batterman on Tuesday, the dating site designed for those already in relationships, generously offered to ‘take the burden off’ the owners by providing the $3.3 m/y that’s currently in dispute. Founder & CEO Noel Biderman, a former sports attorney himself, understands ‘the principle of giving in to the official’s demands’ but he hopes with his help, the owners can remain firm in their position while restoring integrity to the game of football. To View the Letter continue reading.

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