Arnold Palmer Finally Cashes in on his Drink

May 14, 2010 at 9:13 am by Terez in Arnold Palmer

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Half lemonade, half iced tea drink combination is called an Arnold Palmer..This drink combo has had its name since the 60’s..Rumor has it,  he was reportedly overheard ordering the drink in a restaurant..The last 30 or so years Arnold, the originator of the combo, wasn’t making a dime from his wonderful discovery..until recently that is..Palmer’s agents at IMG were approached from a group of business men who wanted to legitimize Arnold Palmer’s drink..the next step was finding a beverage partner and in stepped Arizona Beverage company, famous for their Arizona Iced Tea brand..This year, the brand is on pace to hit $100 million in sales..“Anywhere in the world, you can order an Arnold Palmer and they’ll know that it’s a lemonade and iced tea,” Palmer’s business partner said “It’s amazing how he has not only transcended time, but transcended generations. We’ve seen Kids who were born after he finished playing talk about the drink on Facebook and on blogs.” Arnold Palmer is truly a legend..on and off the course…I’ll drink to that.. -TO

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