Antonio Cromartie’s Wife Stands up to White Supremacist

October 5, 2016 at 7:40 am by Terez in Antonio Cromartie

She's my rock T...

She’s my rock T…

Antonio Cromartie, has been trolled relentlessly by Twitter users since he didn’t stand for “The Star-Spangled Banner” Sunday. One commenter took it next level calling Cromartie the N-word and humiliating him for losing his job. “Neal for the anthem now with your n—-r fist up!” the troll wrote. “Congrats you are like your bro’s now! A non working n—-r headed to jail” Cromartie’s wife responded, and called the guy out. These Twitter losers need to go to hell, that’s where they belong.-TO

The World we live in… Smh it’s crazy how this is even tolerated on any page. It should be an automatic red flag. But the truth is the person who wrote this could be someone boss, your child’s teacher, a doctor, a nurse, your neighbor, your kids basketball coach, or your local police officer. The fact is this is Our reality. And what’s sad is by kneeling and protesting in silence, for taking a humble approach you’re still threatened and disrespected. The National anthem wasn’t even written with African Americans in mind yet we serve this county and fight for it just like anyone else. My father was a Sgt in the Army and I know he would be so proud of my husband as we are of him.. I couldn’t be more proud of you baby. I love you Mr. Cromartie

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