Antoine Walker’s Gambling Habit Influenced by Michael Jordan

March 21, 2010 at 12:45 pm by Terez in Antoine Walker, Michael Jordan

Terez, Antoine is just a bad gambler..

Former Celtics player and longtime broadcaster Cedric Maxwell said Antoine Walker’s gambling habits changed in 2001 when he spent the offseason training with Michael Jordan. “It was like a father and a son going someplace and the son’s watching the dad go and spend money and the son’s saying ‘OK, it’s fine,’ but not knowing that the dad got a revenue stream and that you don’t. Antoine ain’t making that kind of money! He’s not the ‘Swoosh Guy.'” Perhaps Walker picked the wrong time to be like Mike. “I would never bet what MJ bet,” Walker scoffed. “Michael would have smacked the (crap) out of me if I did that.” –ESPN

Compared to what MJ makes, his gambling isn’t a big deal..It’s all relative, but when you’re gambling like that and you’re Antoine Walker, you’re digging yourself a hole you won’t be able to crawl out of..To see Antoine’s interview take the jump. -TO

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