Anthony Davis Gets Rejected at Restaurant for Hoodie

April 12, 2017 at 7:08 am by Terez in Anthony Davis

NBA All-Stars usually have easy access into mostly anywhere, but not everywhere. Per Page Six, “Anthony Davis, the New Orleans Pelicans forward and MVP of the All-Star game, was turned away from a hip Japanese restaurant in West Hollywood for wearing a team hoodie. A witness said, “Davis was pleading with the doorman, saying, ‘Me and my teammates just want to get something to eat.’ He said he couldn’t take off the hoodie because he was wearing a sleeveless T-shirt underneath. Davis even offered to spend a fortune to rent the private room, but the doorman said, ‘No you can’t come in wearing a hoodie.’ So Davis got back in his SUV and left, and only then did the restaurant manager come running out, freaking out at the doorman.” Rules are rules. It’s not like they said you can’t come in because we don’t allow unibrows in.-TO