Animal advocates protest Michael Vick’s award

March 9, 2010 at 7:28 pm by Terez in Atlanta Falcons, Michael Vick

I'm courageous as hell T..

100 animal rights protesters showed up at Martin’s West Banquest Hall in Baltimore Tuesday Night to protest Philadelphia QB Michael Vick’s Ed Block Courage Award. The award is given to a member of each NFL team who displayed courage and sportsmanship.”I am here to protest that the Eagles have given Michael Vick a Courage Award and everyone else has gone along with it,” Darlene Sanders Harris, who led the demonstration, told the Baltimore Sun. “I don’t think he exudes courage or any of the qualities they are looking for in an Ed Block recipient.” I guess courage and sportsmanship ain’t what it used to be..To see the protest, grab a sign and a marker, then take the jump. -TO

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