” Americas Team” The Dallas Cowboys Were Once Owned By A Saudi Oil Tycoon?

September 24, 2017 at 5:57 am by Terez in Dallas Cowboys, Jerry Jones

A little birdie was in my ear last night and just happened to tip me off on a pretty crazy story on how Jerry Jones came to own the Dallas Cowboys.  Once upon a time Jerry Jones didn’t have the money to buy the Dallas Cowboys all by himself, so he brought in Prince Bandar bin Sultan of Saudi Arabia. Prince Bandar would frequent practices and to this day is a suite holder and his private plane is painted in the colors of his beloved Cowboys. “Bandar attended games in Jones’ box at Texas Stadium and in Washington, visited the Cowboys’ Valley Ranch training facility, gave Jones a silver-and-platinum life-size Cowboys helmet after Super Bowl XXVII, accompanied Jones during at least one critical game down to the sidelines with a large entourage, and hung out post-game in the locker room so many times that many Cowboys players know him simply as “the prince.” Prince Bandar still owns a home in Dallas’s richest neighborhood’s next to Jones. Just crazy to think that “Americas team” was once funded by a Saudi Arabian prince. If you don’t believe this story just google Jerry Jones & Prince Bandar and see the connection for yourself.-TO