Allison Stokke Is the Sexiest Athlete On The Planet

May 11, 2009 at 5:32 am by Terez in Allison Stokke, Main

I wish it was your pole on my shoulder Terez

I wish it was your pole on my shoulder Terez

Yesterday, a ridiculously predictable press release came in from Spike TV about their “Guys Choice Awards” and one of the categories was for “Sexiest Athlete.” Guess who’s nominated?

Exactly. Miss Stokke, the young pole vaulter from California who caused a masturbating riot on the internet in 2007, will be going up against ping-pong vixen Biba Golic. Now, remember when all of this controversy bubbled up after Stokke’s father, Allan, went to the Washington Post and said he was keeping a “watchful eye” on all the horny strangers admiring his daughter’s ass on With Leather. To Allan Stokke, Matt Ufford was evil incarnate and should have been drawn and quartered for sullying his daughter’s image. To Allison? She just wanted to pole vault and hated the attention that was coming her way:

I think i found my next ex wife-TO