Allen Iverson’s dark side led to current downfall

March 15, 2010 at 12:11 pm by Terez in Allen Iverson, Philidelphia 76ers

Damn, you weren't supposed to see me with my mask off Terez..

The dark, previously unknown side of Allen Iverson is what has led to his downfall. Most of us have heard about the mistakes Iverson has made, but what about the teammates who witnessed them? What about Iverson being in casinos at 3 a.m. on game days? Before any of that, there was Iverson going from Denver to Detroit to Memphis inside of two years, missing 82 games along the way, and struggling to find a job before the Sixers came to the rescue two months ago. All while his health was deteriorating, reportedly along with that of his daughter Messiah — before the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported his wife, Tawanna, had filed for a divorce last week and was pursuing custody of their five children. –Philadelphia Inquirer

You can’t blame Darth Iverson for turning to the dark side..he was born that way…the whole nurture vs. nature debate. -TO

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