Alex Rodriguez dodges questions on upcoming meeting with FEDS

March 25, 2010 at 7:48 am by Terez in A-Rod, New York Yankees

I said only baseball questions T..

Alex Rodriguez played it coy about his trip Thursday to meet with federal authorities about Tony Galea, the Toronto sports medicine guru at the center of an investigation by the FBI and several other U.S. agencies. The Yankee star’s meeting with the feds about Galea, who faces four drug-related charges in Canada, has raised suspicions that Rodriguez will be summoned to appear before a grand jury.  Rodriguez declined to discuss the investigation or his relationship with Galea Wednesday at Steinbrenner Field. He said he would only answer “baseball questions.” “If there’s no baseball questions, there’s nothing to talk about,” Rodriguez said. Reporters continued to try to elicit some information, but didn’t get far. Reporter: “How is this going to affect your sked this week baseball-wise? A-Rod: “Just baseball questions.” Reporter: “Will you be in camp tomorrow?” A-Rod: “Yes. Anything else?” Reporter: “Are you excused from camp any day this week?” A-Rod: “Just baseball questions.” –NY Daily News

He sure is getting defensive..sounds like he’s hiding something..-TO

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