Adidas Kicks Back at ‘Supermarket’ World Cup Balls

May 31, 2010 at 7:41 am by Terez in World Cup

The 'Supermarket' Soccer Ball

Criticism that the World Cup ball is difficult to control and a nightmare for goalkeepers is bullshiz according to Addidas..Addias spokesperson Thomas van Schaiky said he was surprised to hear the criticisms, made by top goalies such as Spain’s Iker Casillas and Brazil’s Julio Cesar, because the “Jabulani” balls had been used for months without any complaints…”The ball has been used for months,” Van Schaik told The Associated Press. “We started using it in December in a wide variety of leagues. All the response we have had has been positive.  On top of that, we have distributed it to all the finalists so that they have been able to get used to the ball. Apparently they have not taken advantage of that if we are only hearing this criticism now. I am quite surprised in these circumstances.” The NBA tried switching its balls to synthetic leather a few years back and the outcry was immense..enough to change back to the old ball..However, I don’t think their voices will be heard in this instance. Sorry fellas, you better get used to the Mayor Jabulani balls..they’re here to stay. -TO

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