Active NBA players with criminal records

October 5, 2016 at 8:06 am by Terez in NBA

Innocent until proven guilty T..

Innocent until proven guilty T..

One reddit user decided to honor the start of the Derrick Rose Rape Trial by putting together quite an impressive list. Here are all the NBA guys with criminal records. Who knew there was so many guys with records playing.-TO


Boston Celtics

Clean sheet here, although Kelly Olynyk has always scared me, in a way.


Brooklyn Nets

Clean sheet too; that’s what you get with unknown players.


New York Knicks

Carmelo Anthony: marijuana possession (’04), driving under the influence (’08)

Joakim Noah: alcohol and marijuana possession (’08)

Derrick Rose: speeding (’08)


Philadelphia Sixers

Shawn Long: trespassing (’14)

Jahlil Okafor: citation for speeding and reckless driving (’16)


Toronto Raptors

Kyle Lowry: battery on female ref during a charity game (’11)

Jared Sullinger: assault and battery (on girlfriend), destruction of property, witness intimidation (’13)

Jonas Valanciunas: DUI (’14)



Chicago Bulls

Clean sheet, somewhat surprisingly.


Cleveland Cavaliers

Richard Jefferson: assault – choked a guy unconscious while yelling “Do you know who I am?” (’08)

DeAndre Liggins: domestic violence in front of a minor (’13)

Iman Shumpert: the latest in the list! DUI and marijuana possession (’16)

JR Smith (yeah I know he has not a signed a contract yet): reckless driving – resulting in the death of a friend (’07), assault, disturbing the peace and destruction of property (’07), driving a scooter without a license (’11), failure to appear in court (’12)


Detroit Pistons

Marcus Morris: fight in a nightclub (’11), aggravated assault on a guy who was allegedly flirting with his mother (’15)


Indiana Pacers

Al Jefferson: speeding and DUI (’10)


Milwaukee Bucks

Michael Beasley: marijuana possession and speeding (’11), speeding and driving without a license (’13), marijuana possession (’13)

Greg Monroe: DUI (’14) – was so drunk and/or scared that he peed himself during the arrest

BONUS: Jason Kidd: domestic violence (’01), DUI and crashing into a telephone pole (’12)



Atlanta Hawks

Kent Bazemore: DUI, then did not complete an alcohol safety program (’12)

Jarrett Jack: DUI (’11)

Mike Scott: marijuana and MDMA possession (’15)

BONUS: Mike Budenholzer: DUI (’13)


Charlotte Hornets

Clean sheet!


Miami Heat

Udonis Haslem: marijuana possession (’10)

James Johnson: domestic assault – slapped and choked his wife (’14)


Orlando Magic

Branden Dawson: domestic violence (’16)


Washington Wizards

Markieff Morris: aggravated assault on a guy who was allegedly flirting with his mother (’15)




Denver Nuggets

Wilson Chandler: marijuana possession (’10)


Minnesota Timberwolves

Rasual Butler: concealed weapon (’08)

Jordan Hill: assault on his girlfriend (’12), reckless driving and speeding (’15)


OKC Thunder

Clean sheet!


Portland TrailBlazers

The JailBlazers are definitely gone: clean sheet!


Utah Jazz

Clean sheet! Northwest division is rather safe.



Golden State Warriors

Draymond Green: assault (’16)

Javale McGee: reckless driving (’09)

Klay Thompson: marijuana possession (’11)


Los Angeles Clippers

Raymond Felton: possession of unlicensed handgun, possible threats (’14)

Blake Griffin: battery (’14), also that time he punched a staffer so hard he got injured

JJ Redick: DUI (’06)

Marreese Speights: DUI (’14)

Dorell Wright: DUI (’10)


Los Angeles Lakers

Nick Young: reckless driving in presence of Javale McGee (’09)

Metta World Peace: domestic violence (’07)


Phoenix Suns

Archie Goodwin: disorderly conduct, resisting arrest (’14)

PJ Tucker: super duper extreme DUI (’14)


Sacramento Kings

Matt Barnes: domestic violence (’10), driving without a license, threatening a cop (’12)

Darren Collison: domestic violence (’16)

Ty Lawson: failure to appear in court (’13), domestic troubles (’13), 2x DUI (’15)

Ben McLemore: alcohol possession while underage, failure to appear in court (’11)



Dallas Mavericks

Well, Harrison Barnes tried to shoot someone but he missed.


Houston Rockets

Patrick Beverley: something with an EZ Pass (’15)

PJ Hairston: marijuana possession (’13), punched a kid at a pick-up game (’14), citation for speeding and reckless driving without a license (’15)


Memphis Grizzlies

Tony Allen: aggravated battery (’05)

Zach Randolph: alcohol drinking while underage (’02), DUI (’03), DUI (’09); lots of other things during childhood


New Orleans Pelicans

Dante Cunningham: speeding, reckless driving, marijuana possession (’11), citation for DUI (’16)

Tyreke Evans: reckless driving (’10)

Terrence Jones: assaulted a homeless guy (’13)

Lance Stephenson: sexual abuse (’08), assault – pushed girlfriend down the stairs -, harrassment, menacing and possession of a deadly weapon (’10)


San Antonio Spurs

RC Buford (GM): DUI and crashed into a fence (’11)



I used the thread at the top of r/nba as a basis for the rosters.

If I missed something or if I was incorrect, feel free to tell me and I’ll edit this.

EDIT: Added a couple of DUIs (they seem to love those)

EDIT 2: ALRIGHT, deleted some of the Cunningham stuff as it was some pretty heavy accusations that have been proved to be fabricated.

DISCLAIMER: This is not a list of criminal record as much as it is a list of arrests. I know that in a few of these cases charges have been dropped, but sometimes even that doesn’t mean the guy is innocent, just as an arrest does not automatically mean he’s guilty. I’ll keep it as it is for now.