About Terez Owens

Pro athletes of the world have another force to reckon with the next time that they find themselves running their mouth, bringing a mistress to a public eatery, or more fascinatingly, shooting one of their extremities in front of fellow teammates up in the club. Successful sports agent turned “King of all sports media, Terez Owens” , has opened up the floodgates for anything juicy and sports related with his website www.terezowens.com, cleverly titled after two of the worlds most infamous and influential gossip and sports personalities, Perez Hilton and Terrell Owens.

The site, which promises to deliver “real sports” and “real dirt,” takes advantage of TO’s personal relationships in the sports world and gives his website that ever-important stamp of credibility. This key concept makes viewing the sites’ content all the more exciting and well, fun. Whether it’s a piece on Aaron Rodgers and Olivia Munn, Jeter’s latest dalliance with a Hollywood starlet or Floyd Mayweather’s continued attempts at proving how much money he has, Mr. Owens delivers big with ample and well chosen pictures, video, and real time content.