Danica Patrick brags about Daddy paying lawyers to change Speeding Tickets

March 23, 2018 at 8:50 am by Terez in Danica Patrick

This comes via our Tip Box. “Danica was paid to speak at a Century 21 World Conference in Florida.  She was asked how she drives regularly. She responded, the only way I can guarantee I don’t get a speeding ticket is if I don’t drive. I was just talking about this with Aaron.  I have been pulled over 25 times. That was excessively more than Aaron. I only got tickets maybe 10 or 12.  That would have been my dad paying lawyers to change tickets.  It started to sketchy, when I got tickets in several different states and the police decided to put all the tickets in one pile.  T.J. Patrick is the same dad who slammed boyfriend Aaron Rodgers stance for on the National Anthem.  The Patrick’s family seem really sweet! Starts at 15:50.” Interesting, she’s also acting like her and Aaron are still a thing.-TO