A-Rod Being Romantically Linked to J-Lo

March 6, 2017 at 9:56 am by Terez in A-Rod, Main

The entire world has been watching Jennifer lopez for more than two decades, and she’s never looked better than she does right now. Although this may be just a wild rumor, mostly because I don’t think A-Rod can pull this, our source tells us A-Rod and J-Lo  are indeed a romantic item. Their shortened names sure do go well together. The source tells us the two are set to spend a romantic weekend in the Bahamas together. Our source spoke with the couple that’s going to the Bahamas with them and confirmed it. I think we’ll still have to wait until there’s photographic evidence on this one. Not trying downplaying A-Rod’s success with the ladies, like Madonna, Cameron Diaz and Kate Hudson, but J-Lo is one of the few untouchables.-TO