86 Year Old Reporter Asks Pervy Erin Andrew Questions

November 23, 2010 at 1:57 pm by Terez in Erin Andrews, Les Miles, LSU

I think she likes me T..

86-year-old retired sportswriter Ted Castillo is retired..He also is infatuated with Erin Andrews..so everyone was very surprised when he went off subject and asked LSU Football Coach Les Miles about Erin Andrews.. “What is it like to be — and you can take the Fifth — interviewed by a sweet, young thing like Erin Andrews? said Castillo..To which Les Miles responded..”What a joy it is to represent LSU in the post-game with victory and to celebrate victory in a postgame interview with a very talented, very attractive woman.”Miles and Castillo actually continue talking about Erin and the peeping incident..This is ridiculous..To see the Video continue reading. -TO

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