Tommy’s Doesn’t Like Pictures With Gisele ?

May 4, 2009 at 8:16 am by Terez in Main, New England Patriots, Tom Brady

If you don't start taking pictures with me tommy i won't pu 2 fingers up your butt

If you keep walking away from me when the Paparazzi are around tommy i wont put 2 fingers in your butt

Why is Tom Brady so camera-shy? When a female fan approached Tom’s wife, Gisele, at Svedka’s Summer Fling party at the Grammercy Park Hotel on the weekend asking for a photo with the couple, the supermodel was blunt. “I’d love to, but Tom hates being photographed. He wouldn’t want to.” The stunner must have felt bad for the girl, and added, “He always says no.” The twosome then proceeded to suck face all night long. “They couldn’t keep their hands off each other!” our spy said. But the evening wasn’t all fun for the fab duo: Gisele kicked one poor fella out of the elevator, saying it was too full, while Brady was heard complaining that it took 20 minutes to get in because the line at the door was “too long.” — NY Daily News

What PR company is spinning this story and  trying to toughen up Tommy’s image, Gisele says sh*t Tom says what color-TO