Tiger Woods Not Allowed to Date

May 27, 2010 at 11:26 am by Terez in Main, Tiger Woods.

What Elin doesn't know won't hurt her T..

Tiger Woods has to be careful who he hangs with..Even though he is soon to be divorced, the golfing God and self admitted sex addict has to stay away from the ladies..his legal team has advised him he can’t date until the split is finalized… “Elin’s building a character case [based on his serial philandering],” the insider says. “Elin’s team is watching [Tiger’s] every move.” Her goal? “She wants more money than Michael Jordan’s ex got,” another source says, referring to the former NBA star’s $168 million payout to his ex-wife…I don’t see that being a problem..Even in she got 1 mill for every affair she’d be close..-TO

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