2.5 Pounds of Cali Weed Delivered to Home of Bengals

September 22, 2011 at 7:33 am by Terez in Cincinatti Bengals, Jerome Simpson

I always catch the deliveries T...

Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver Jerome Simpson received a package containing 2.5 pounds of Cali weed that was allegedly delivered to his suburban Kentucky home. Simpson and teammate Anthony Collins, were at Simpson’s home in Crestview Hills, Ky. yesterday when a package allegedly containing 2.5 pounds of marijuana arrived…Investigators found six more pounds of pot inside the home as well, says Michelle Gregory, spokeswoman for the California Department of Justice…According to California Watch, “The house was set up as a potential distribution network,” said Tommy LaNier, head of the National Marijuana Initiative, a group that is funded by the Office of National Drug Control Policy and helps coordinate marijuana enforcement operations around the United States. “They had it all set up to receive supplies of high-grade marijuana from Northern California, and from there, it was being distributed from that residence,” he said. Just when you thought the Bengals turned around their image a bit, more trouble ensues…That’s the Bengal way.. -TO

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