Zygi Wilf Moving Minnesota Vikings to Los Angeles

It's too damn cold in Minneosta T..

Zygi Wilf flew to Los Angeles in his private Vikings plane to meet with Magic Johnson..According to my sources, the two secretly met at Van Nuys Airport just outside of Los Angeles to discuss the possibility of moving the Vikings to Los Angeles..Magic and AEG have made their plans public to bring football to Southern California..The NFL won’t allow expansion at this point, so Magic will have to bring a team from another market in order to make it happen..Coincidentally, Magic also keeps his private plane at the same airport the Vikings plane was spotted. Thanks to my friends at Hip Hollywood for the heads up. -TO

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  • Jax

    LA Vikings sounds as dumb as the Utah Jazz or the Arizona Cardinals.

  • Tess

    Yeah, well, remember what happened to the Minnesota Lakers…

  • kyle

    minneapolis lakers actually. you Los Angelinos probably don’t even know what a laker is do you?

  • CJ

    LA Vikings sounds retarded. This move would create a situation similar to the one when Art Modell moved the Browns to Baltimore. Why the Vikings? The Jacksonville Jaguars seem like a better choice for relocation. No one in JAX cares about them

  • cleetis1969

    i’ve been a vikings fan all my life. i have much respect for the wilf familly, but i think if they move the team to la that will be the biggest mistake in pro sports.i will NEVER be a la vikins fan

  • Jags28

    Yeah you might think the Jags are a better candidate but we have a stadium lease till 2030. Its all about the lease baby!

  • Kout

    Vikings are so moving to LA. Their stadium is crap…what kinda roof is that????

  • LA

    I’d welcome the Vikings with open arms, they came to LA to create a buzz. The dome collapsing is going to put a new stadium plan in Minnesota into overdrive…

  • VikingSven

    Dream on LA LA land! The Minnesota Vikings are staying in Minnesota! After the MetroDome roof collapse, the wheels are churning in the MN legislature to fund a new stadium home for the Purple and Gold! Better focus on stealing the Chargers or Jaguars! By the way LA….send our Lakers back “home.”

  • Spiff

    Honestly, I am a HUGE LA sports fan and I would love nothing more than to see the NFL come back to the area. The idea of bringing a team that boasts the bright young start in AP sounds like a perfect match for the star driven town. I do however agree the MN should frok up the money (they’ve already done it twice for area teams leaving the dome) and keep the Vikings there.
    If it is the Jags, bringing Maurice Jones-Drew back to the LA area where he played college may serve as a decent selling ploy for LA fans. If it becomes the Chargers, the way QB Philip Rivers has been playing, he would bring some starpower and flash with him.
    While the likes of MJD and Philip Rivers is not quite Adrian Peterson, LA would be happy with any team, with some star, at this point.

  • jd

    That photo of the plane is not from the Van Nuys Airport, if the photo is supposed to lend credence to the story that Wilf-Johnson met at the Van Nuys Airport.

    The foliage in the distance behind the plane is most definitely not at the Van Nuys Airport.

    So perhaps this was a stock photo of Wilf’s plane?

    Please advise…JD

  • BigDrty

    Bring the Vikings To L.A. and they actually might Win a SuperBowl for once.. and for your Mlps Lakers are named after the 10,000 lakes in MN.

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