Woman Gets Revenge On Passed Out Boyfriend For Ruining Her Night

May 19, 2017 at 7:25 am by Terez in Terez T.V.

A receptionist annoyed that her plumber boyfriend ruined their plans by sleeping in after a boozy night out filmed herself getting revenge – giving him a full makeover and nail job in his sleep. Natalie Weaver, 23, was looking forward to going for a drink with partner Stephen Hall, 26, on Sunday but her plans were dashed when he didn’t return until 6am that morning after night out with pals. After being left to her own devices all day, bored Natalie plotted vengeance on her boyfriend and decided to ensure Stephen really did get his ‘beauty sleep’. Pictures and video document Stephen blissfully unaware during his transformation, as Natalie applies a full face of make-up including foundation, highlighter, eyeshadow, false lashes, lipstick as well as eyebrow make-up, all finished off with glam false nails. Executed perfectly. Watch below.-TO