Will Ferrell Bans Himself From Sports Comedies

September 21, 2010 at 7:52 am by Terez in Will Ferrell

No more Terez...I'm sorry my man...

Will Ferrell is a comedian and a pretty darn decent athlete..so it made sense that the funnyman has made a slew a pretty successful sports comedies..Will has tackled Soccer, Racecar Driving, Basketball and figure skating..but don’t expect to see Ricky Bobby making an encore anytime soon…The SNL legend has placed a self imposed ban from future sports-themed comedies..”When I was ten I wrote an essay saying I would be a pro soccer player and a comedian in the off season. I have this label in the States so I have a self-imposed moratorium. But maybe we could lift it.” I wouldn’t mind seeing Chaz Michael Michaels skate again…As long as he makes Anchorman 2 I’ll be ok..Ron Burgundy needs to live again for sure..-TO

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