Who Would Date Richie Incognito?

He's a giant teddy bear T...

He’s a giant teddy bear T…

Miami Dolphins All-Pro Richie Incognito has been getting slammed over what some are calling bullying. These are also the same people that have never played one snap in the NFL. We know Richie personally, and we also know he’s an awesome football player and a pretty good guy. He’s Born and bred to battle it out at the highest level. Off the field, his personal life is pretty normal. Gossip Extra wrote about his nightclub waitress girlfriend who also thinks he’s a pretty good guy as well.  Check out the rest at Gossip Extra.-TO

  • ronald

    Are you kidding here?
    There’s a reason this guy has been voted to be the biggest ahole in the league

  • melvo

    You know him personally? So what, he kisses your “reports'” asses and now he’s a really cool guy? Biased as hell.

  • Johnathan Martin

    If you know him personally then tell him his waitress girlfriend is ugly. He pulls $4 mil a season and he posing with an ugly Betty like that, guess the saying is right money is not everything.

  • Dee

    Dam Tee you vouching for this clown you must don’t have no real friends. He far from a true warrior.

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