Wes Welker Shows Off His Hair Transplant

We're both clients T...

We’re both clients T…

Denver Broncos Wide Receiver Wes Welker Shows Off Results from his hair transplant with Dr. Robert Leonard. “[The growth] doesn’t happen right away,” Welker said “You start to see a little bit after two or three months and in six months you get to see a little more. Once you get up to a year you’re really starting to see the difference. It takes a full 18 months till it’s fully grown in.” Here’s a before and after, I think Dr. Leonard did work.-TO

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  • emily aaron

    Hair transplant has become popular nowadays and is providing better results with many of them. One that need to be kept in mind is that one can necessarily combat hair issues through natural treatment processes and only if you feel that the end result is negative, you may go for the transplants. Also they cost you more!!


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