Watch Jared from Subway interview Erin Andrews

This Subway spot features Erin Andrews, TV personality and health & wellness enthusiast, talking to the former famous fat guy Jared from Subway about her path to a healthy lifestyle. Andrews, The daily pro-biotic Queen, is an expert about digestive and immune health, but is she really qualified to inform us what to eat for lunch?-TO

Erin Andrews Has a Nice Physique

Erin Andrews and Jarret Stoll At Festival

  • Susan

    What a catty shot U took at Erin Andrews! What is Ur problem as U make sure U report on her then try to bring her down? Not a problem with her commercials or the subway interview. Happened on the day EA & Apollo led a group in exercise & was an interesting interview! BTW probiotics given to babies on vents. have less pneumonia & there has been less death. Immune health is important & being kind(which Ur not) are also important!

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