War Machine’s Ex was With a client


You gotta pay to play T..

You gotta pay to play T..

“War Machine” Koppenhaver, allegedly beat his girlfriend in Las Vegas. Koppenhaver was arrested at a hotel in Simi Valley almost two weeks ago, and details are still trickling in. War Machine walked in with his girlfriend with another man, and now our source tells us it wasn’t someone she was having a relationship with, but a client that was paying for her services. Yes, just in case you didn’t know some adult film stars double as paid escorts. Citing Mackinday, police said her ex accused her of cheating on him. The two carried an on-again, off-again relationship over 15 months, documents stated. When War Machine saw she was on the clock, he flipped out. Maybe that’s why we haven’t heard from the third member of this party? War Machine might have the shortest temper on the planet.-TO


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