Vince Carter was a High School Bandleader

They call me the conductor Terez..

Vince Carter has had many nicknames throughout the years..Vinsanity, Half Man-Half Amazing..Air Canada when he was with the Raptors..and now comes this disturbing photo of Vince as his High School Bandleader..not sure what to call him now..any suggestions? -TO

Jamie Foxx Played High School Basketball

Chuck Liddell in High School

  • CHUCK!

    Really, you folks JUST found out about him being a Drum Major?? If you are even remotely a VC15 fan, this is OLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLD news.

  • Tony

    Ok…He was in high school marching band in the not sure whats so disturbing about the phono

  • matty

    TO have you seen the movie drunline? marching bands are cool

  • matty


  • Terez

    Matty- never seen drumline..but get the reference. My gut told me to skip that one. -TO

  • Mal Tempo

    Carter looks like the doorman at the TD Garden in Boston.

  • kevin

    I’m from Toronto and everyone knows Vince was a cheerleader oh sorry a bandleader. In the words of Mark Jackson. Terez “your better than that”.

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