Vernon Davis and Aaron Maybin Get Caught With Stripper

Amazing time T..PR is a good stop for strippers..

The San Fransisco 49er’s Vernon Davis and the Buffalo Bills Aaron Maybin get caught partying with a stripper in these photos..They  were taken in San Juan, Puerto Rico..There was some gay rumors floating around about Vernon..but my source tells me that is the farthest thing from the truth..he goes on to say..”Vernon isn’t gay..he actually might have a problem..he’s always thinking about sex..he might even be a sex addict..” All I know is Vernon is doing a fireman’s carry on the stripper and he loses his shorts..Looks like a lot of fun..but never allow cameras around when you’re getting in trouble fellas..use your heads..Peep the gallery to see the pics..-TO

EXCLUSIVE PHOTOS: Vernon Davis And Aaron Maybin Party With Stripper

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