Vanessa Bryant to Receive Up to $100 Million in Divorce Settlement?

December 23, 2011 at 10:16 am by Terez in Kobe Bryant, Los Angeles Lakers

This is what I think of her T...

Kobe Bryant is getting taken to the cleaners…and it’s gonna cost him anywhere from $75-100 million…Our sources tell us Kobe is ‘on paper’ worth around 200 million dollars… Kobe Bryant earned $25 million in salary this past season, and his contract extension signed last year is worth another $83.5 million. According to Forbes, estimates including endorsement deals has Kobe’s last years earning around $53 million before taxes and agent fees…and the dude has been playing for 16 years…I’m almost positive Kobe has been tucking away money for years knowing this divorce would inevitably happen. -TO

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