Vanessa Bryant is running for Lupus

I’m more than a basketball wife T…

Kobe Bryant’s wife Vanessa Bryant posted a picture on Instagram promoting running for lupus. This looks like a good cause and thought this should be shared to raise awareness. She is quoted as saying on her post ” As promised@runningforlupus. I’m so honored to help raise awareness  #LHandsign.” The Mamba’s wife is doing work.-TO

Kobe and Vanessa Pair up with Shannon

Vanessa Bryant at California Adventure

  • real talk

    ya – u are more than an NBA wife…UR A GOLD-DIGGIN skank that needs to crawl back over the boarder u came over.

  • Hope

    Wow, and sorry about that verbal discrimating abuse.
    Anywho Thank You for joining I
    What a hateful jealous “Real Talker” He/she needs to go back to the Crazy Mental Hospital.
    The post is about Lupus and Awareness whivh I suffer from. Was diagnosed in 2000. Let me ask you Real Dumb Azz Talker, do you know what Lupus is?
    I’m guessing no, there is not enough awareness.There are more of us who suffer from this deadly disease, than those with, Cancer, Aids, Cerebal Palsy, MS, and yet you don’t see the awaress for lupus.
    Sorry Mrs Bryant about that Verbal Abuse, we may be mexicans but we don’t lash out especially at someone who obviously doesn’t know how to read since comment has NADA to do with this. in to help bring awareness for a much needed Deadly Illness, I was diagnosed with Systemic Lupus & Discoix Lupus in 2000,, then followed Lupus Bellows, RA, Rynards, Color Blindness. Due to Lupus and medications we take damage same functioning organs.
    I had to be put on Disability in Feb of this year. I was informed by my employer of 22 years (State of California) I no longer have Medical Ins, so no chemp Rhumatoligist, no lab, medications or specialists because my Disability has stopped and I finally got my extension form yesterday so now Dr has to fill out form, then I will take form to mail, then wait up to 7 weeks for disability office for State Employees to process. Kind of hard and a long wait for me since its my only source of income.
    Us Lupies go thru soo much. We don’t get same process or assistance with this.
    I have a Sister who lost her husband at 48 years old 2 children, lost home then BAM Stage 3 Breast Cancer, surgery and our first walk for Breast Cancer was done here in Palm Desert, Ca on El Paseo. It was great to see soo many supporters, then my little sister, Leukemia, Rumatoid Arthrists and LUPUS. We are strong determinex, faith and hope. Our hope is to bring awareness and support eachothers causes. However here there isn’t a walk for Lupus or Leukemia. Hoping one day our surrounding Cities will declare May as Lupus Awarenees Month and light up City Halls, Airport, fountains PURPLE. Its done globally.
    Thank you again, you’re a woman who has decided to bring awareness and not have Lupus. There are celeberities with Lupus but their awareness stinks.
    Sorry for thiz long comment, but had to and had to write next paragraph since it makes no sense what his comment was.
    And they say I’m crazy. LOL

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