Utah Jazz All Star Deron Williams Goes Cliff Diving

Man Terez...It does look a little dangerous..

So you know there’s clauses in professional athletes contracts that restrict them from doing certain activities during the off-season..Well, the Utah Jazz guard Deron Williams was caught Cliff Diving…and you figure this would be an item on the not to do list..Here’s an eyewitness account..”I had heard a rumor Deron Williams from the Utah Jazz was jet skiing down there that day. I noticed a wave runner come close to the cliffs and I instantly recognized D-WIll and pulled out my camera. No one else realized it was him until he jumped, but it was WICKED sweet! He’s a CRAZY good athlete and this proves it!!! ” Looks like a lot of fun..but Deron’s head Coach Jerry Sloan won’t be very happy when he sees this..To watch the Video continue reading. -TO

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