UFC: Smacktalk 101

March 8, 2009 at 2:37 pm by Terez in Main, Rampage Jackson, Rashad Evans


Yes, Quinton “Rampage” Jackson and Keith Jardine beat each other up for a full 15 minutes. No doubt they’ll feel each punch and kick in the morning, so we feel slightly guilty saying the fight wasn’t all that exciting.

But it wasn’t.

Sure, Rampage dropped Jardine once in the second round and again at the end of the third. Rampage controlled the fight the entire way. But, it still didn’t put too many people on the edge of their seats.

Not when compared to the post-fight verbal jousting between Rampage and light heavyweight champion Rashad Evans.

The two exchanged “I’m gonna kick your —” and “Let’s go!” and more trash talk in the ring after Jackson won the unanimous decision over Jardine. Rampage ended it when he grabbed the microphone from Joe Rogan and yelled, “There’s gonna be some more black-on-black crime” then slammed the mic to the ground.

Classic Rampage. Hilarious stuff.

The two will headline UFC 98 in Las Vegas on May 23 after Frank Mir pulled out of his fight with Brock Lesnar because of a knee injury.

Evans is undefeated at 18-0. Rampage is a former light heavyweight champion who appears to be back on top of his game after that loss to Forrest Griffin. This one could get nasty come May.

UFC has  taken over Heavyweight Boxing as the #1 fighting sport. This is great stuff, I am excited to see these two back up their words. The two will headline UFC 98 in Las Vegas on May 23. Terez will definitely be there! -TO