Ty Cobb’s Great Grandson Ty Cobb is a Baller

February 9, 2011 at 10:39 am by Terez in Ty Cobb

I'm not a jerk and either was my great grandaddy T..

What sort of burden do you carry around with you when your name is Ty Cobb…How about if your named after your legendary great-grandfather…This Ty Cobb is a basketball player for Occidental College and is the great-grandson of Hall of Fame baseball player Ty Cobb..”Every once in a while I’ll get people who think they know more about Ty Cobb than I do and say, ‘Oh, he was a terrible guy, he was a jerk,'” the younger Cobb said. “Ty Cobb does have kind of a tough reputation, but people who say that just aren’t informed or just want to start an argument.”  With a nickname like the ‘Georgia Peach’, how bad of a guy could he have been? -TO

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