Trip to Sea World a Decoy While Elin Visits Tiger in Sex Rehab

January 22, 2010 at 11:37 am by Terez in Tiger Woods.

Terez, It's me whale of a lie we pulled here...

A LOOKALIKE of Tiger Woods’ wife Elin acts as a decoy on a theme park trip – while his real missus visits him at a sex clinic. The blonde – thought to be Elin Nordegren’s twin Josefin – took Sam, two, and son Charlie, six months, to see the whales at SeaWorld in Florida. It is believed it was a trick to confuse onlookers while Elin, 30, met with her love-cheat golfer husband, 34. He booked on a course for sex addicts at The Pine Grove Behavioural Health and Addiction Services clinic in Hattiesburg, Mississippi, after Elin told him: Get help or you lose me. Yesterday we showed Tiger at the centre, to which blacked-out cars have been arriving. Patients are flanked by escorts when they go out – to stop them talking about Tiger. One source said: “It’s more like a prison now.” –The Sun

It definitely helps to have an identical twin sister when you need to secretly visit your husband in Sex Rehab. -TO

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