Tim Tebow’s Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber Installed

August 12, 2010 at 7:10 am by Terez in Denver Broncos, Tim Tebow

It also doubles as a Tanning machine T..which is sweet..

Tim Tebow is trying an old Michael Jackson trick..He recently installed a hyperbaric oxygen chamber..Athletes use hyperbaric oxygen therapy for the increased oxygen transport capacity of the blood..basically it increases blood flow and helps your body perform at its peak..A tweet confirmed this..”Tim Tebow goes hyperbaric! Yup, Jesse set up a hyperbaric chamber for the Denver Broncos heralded rookie quarterback last night. Go Tim!” Not sure it Timmy will be sleeping in one or if he has a pet monkey named bubbles..but you never can tell what God has in store for all of us..God Bless Timmy..-TO

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