Tim Tebow to Play Fullback in Coming Weeks

So Coach is telling me I'm playing fullback now Terez..

Tim Tebow was drafted as a Quarterback..He’s currently # 3 on the Broncos depth chart at QB …but with each game played, Kyle Orton proves he’s not getting replaced anytime soon..The Broncos know Tebow sells, and are trying to incorporate him in the offense anyway they can..My sources out of Denver tell me, they plan on using Tebow at Fullback in the upcoming weeks..Tebow’s jersey is still selling like hotcakes, but who wants to wear a jersey of a guy who never sees the field..Head Coach Josh McDaniels has a deep love for Tim..so he’s going to figure out a way to get Tebow involved in the offense. We all know Tebow would make a great goal line fullback..so I don’t think it’s a bad idea to give the rookie the ball and see what he can do..Tim did rush for 57 touchdowns at Florida..-TO

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