Tim Tebow Birthday Rumor: Jets Quarterback Secret Swedish Model Girlfriend

August 14, 2012 at 3:42 pm by Terez in New York Jets, Tim Tebow

She digs the bounce pass T...

Nothing like the holiest of days to drop a tasty rumor — Jets Quarterback Tim Tebow turned 25 today, and for his birthday, the big question is, did he finally get a real life girlfriend? Here’s the scoop from our source, “There is a rumor going around on a Tim Tebow fan forum that Tebow’s ”secret” girlfriend is (hot) Swedish model Elin Kling. Can you confirm? The girls on this fan site are hilarious and their heads are about to explode” Tim has been paired with everyone from Taylor Swift to Kim Kardashian over the past year…a Swedish model sounds about right. Check the gallery below to see more Elin.-TO

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