Tiger Woods is A Green Beret Man Through and Through

I'm my father's son T..

So Hank Haney claims in his book Tiger wanted to become a Navy Seal, but we received this tip that Tiger had no interest in becoming a seal, he did however consider becoming a Green Beret. Here’s the tip: “I don’t know about Tiger Woods wanting to be a SEAL but he certainly showed some interest in the ”Green Berets” probably since his dad was a retired Green Beret…I’m a Army Special Forces Operator ”Green Beret” at Fort Bragg, NC..A few years back Tiger donated a bunch of money to some friendly charities so he could spend about a week training with Special Forces here at Fort Bragg, which is very rare for civilians to be allowed to do. One of the guys I work with was on the team that trained him and said he was super into the training and was actually a pretty good shot. There’s a picture of Tiger and the team that trained him still hanging in the hallway at headquarters. Hope this helps, love your site.” It’s not  everyday you receive an email from a Special Forces Operator. Thanks for the info, I feel honored. -TO

Tiger Almost Became a Navy Seal

Tiger’s # 1 Mistress Reveals Her Baby Bump

  • Mike

    I also heard he was going to be a pararescue man, Legionnaire, One man assassinand GOD!!!!

  • Richard Iezzi

    The man is free to be whatever suits him as are any of us fortunate enough to live in the United States..
    And it is no one’s business but his.
    Just let the man alone..
    NO ONE….dominated ANY sport as he did for as long as he did.
    NONE OF US is without sins of commission or omission.
    Just let the man alone !!!

  • JFChrist

    [img]http://www.terezowens.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/03/jesus 2 crop 2.jpg[/img]
    I tell you what Army Rangers score way more tuna pie than the pansy Berets baby!

  • Omar

    HOGWASH. Yes, Wood’s FATHER was in the Special Forces, but that don’t make Woods any more of a “Green Beret” – S.F. Soldier or a SEAL any more than it makes one an Astronaut or Surgeon just ’cause their dad was one. I served in the Special Forces aka “Green Berets” on an A-Team for 10 years, including Combat, so i have a leg to stand on with what i’m saying. But if Woods actually joins the Army or Navy and actually graduates S.F. School or SEAL Training.. AND serves on Active Duty on a Team.. then come talk to me about it. But until then, he and you are just puttin’ blanks.

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