Tiger Woods is A Green Beret Man Through and Through

March 1, 2012 at 10:04 am by Terez in Tiger Woods.

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So Hank Haney claims in his book Tiger wanted to become a Navy Seal, but we received this tip that Tiger had no interest in becoming a seal, he did however consider becoming a Green Beret. Here’s the tip: “I don’t know about Tiger Woods wanting to be a SEAL but he certainly showed some interest in the ”Green Berets” probably since his dad was a retired Green Beret…I’m a Army Special Forces Operator ”Green Beret” at Fort Bragg, NC..A few years back Tiger donated a bunch of money to some friendly charities so he could spend about a week training with Special Forces here at Fort Bragg, which is very rare for civilians to be allowed to do. One of the guys I work with was on the team that trained him and said he was super into the training and was actually a pretty good shot. There’s a picture of Tiger and the team that trained him still hanging in the hallway at headquarters. Hope this helps, love your site.” It’s not  everyday you receive an email from a Special Forces Operator. Thanks for the info, I feel honored. -TO

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