Tiger and Lindsey just a PR Stunt?

You buying this T?

So keep in mind this seems pretty far fetched, but because we’re in the biz of posting rumors, here’s a juicy one — Our tipster tells us that Tiger Woods and Elin are still living together. Here’s the tip, “Tiger is living with Elin Nordengren no lie, Lindsey Vonn was living on Tiger Woods yacht for 1 week March 12-18th near his home, not his 10,000 sq ft home. Nobody knows where Elin Nordengren lives in Florida. Lindsey and tiger is just a PR stunt to help his image. Tiger and Elin were in the Bahamas after he won his last golf tournament last week of march, no lie” Said our tipster. The fact he keeps saying No Lie makes me think he’s lying.-TO

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