The ‘U’ Bans Twitter: Makes Annoucement Via Twitter

September 15, 2010 at 6:46 am by Terez in University of Miami

Sorry was getting out of hand...

Coach Shannon has put his foot down…No more twitter for any of the Miami Hurricane Football players..close your accounts and cease and desist immediately from tweeting..How about this for some irony…The athletic department  made the announcement, yes, through its own Twitter feed..”Football program has asked players to shut down Twitter accounts. Goal is to limit distractions & focus. Bigger goals than TWEETING” as the statement posted on the athletic department’s account read..Hurricanes QBJacory Harris has been a huge twitter guy..posting messages and pics that his followers really enjoy..”I have fun with it,” Harris told The Associated Press earlier this season. “It’s something fun for me. Twitter, I think it’s a new way to build your brand. … But I’m not going to put anything on there to harm myself, this team, this university.” I think there should be twitter guidelines…but this is too much..What’s next, banning Facebook? -TO

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