The Romo Family of the Dallas Cowboys Gives Thanks

I'm thankful for Jerry Jones T...

I’m thankful for Jerry Jones T…

The Dallas Cowboys quarterback had a nice little Thanksgiving, and a lot to be thankful for. He has a beautiful wife and son, and was more than happy to show them off. During the game, CBS showed a Happy Thanksgiving message from the good-looking family of Tony, Hawkins and Candice. Romo and Candice have a second child on the way, so next time we might get a message from the Romo 4.-TO

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    Thanks to TO for posting access to these documents! I get so sick of nothing but the same watered-down versions of the original that are circulated over and over and over again in every other article. Let the people read from the original text and let us make our own educated opinion! Again, much thanks!

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    The accuser is a ho! Hooooooooo!

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