The Nnamdi Asomugha Kerry Washington Smoking Gun

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I see you have proof now T..

Are they or aren’t they actually married? This has been a hotly debated topic since we originally broke the story of their secret wedding. Scandal die hards believe it’s all a ruse, while Kerry’s PR machine continues to push her fairytale marriage. Here’s what we just received,”Here is your hard proof. Obtained directly from the Blaine County Clerk office, as you see it’s a direct screen print of the court’s computer. There is no marriage record of any kind, or public record of any kind, for Kerry Washington or Nnamdi Asomugha in Blaine County, Idaho. No items. That was checked upon well after the needed time to ratify the marriage, something that happens immediately when a valid marriage license is filed to the office.  I held on to this for a very long time because it was not my place to expose people. The games now have gone way too far and I won’t stand for it.” This looks pretty legit. If they were actually married in Idaho like they claim, wouldn’t a record of it pop up? I hope this evidence ends this discussion once and for all. To SEE the SMOKING GUN Continue reading.-TO

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  • Paul Smith

    Woooooooooooooooooo! Dayyyyyyyyyum! Shots Fired! This ish though! Knew something was funny about this ish. Never could see Ms. Washington with this loser.

  • Alice

    Could have blocked out the employees name. Dum dum.

  • Anita rose

    There was always something bizarre about how this story broke out. I know some people are buying the mainstream story of people or us weekly but if you look closely something is off

  • Jennifer

    “If they were actually married in Idaho like they claim, wouldn’t a record of it pop up?” Maybe they married in another county in Idaho. Kerry doesn’t talk much about her personal life but she said she’s married.

    • CC

      The county they supposedly got married in was already reported. So no.

  • Maddnesslive


  • Gemma

    I think this is fake and made up by the Terry shippers they are so desperate.

    • Miriam

      Can we move on from the over use of Terry shippers so desperate?????

  • The Game Fan

    The link you provided doesn’t lead to The Smoking Gun so I had to go over there myself and this story is not there.

  • diligence

    E! Online has the marriage certificate. you can’t just go to a government and type a name in and expect a marriage license to pop up. idiots.

    • iii

      That ML is fake. Why do people still think it’s real? lol

    • Miriam

      If Idaho has strict laws pertaining to obtaining marriage certificates, how did E! Online get it?????

  • Elis Raid

    Does this website do any research before running with wild theories/rumors? Because if they did, they would have found out that strict privacy laws govern marriage records in Idaho. Its unlikely that each and every level of employee would get access to confidential KW/NA marriage record by performing a basic search.It stands to reason that such a search would come up empty unless one has the right clearance to access such records, no? See? Now, this is how a real journalist investigates rumors

  • NOPE

    Yup a shipper indeed, tell me since when people are allowed to search just anyone’s record without the peoples consent? What is this source doing searching for them and how did they get consent?

    • Miriam

      You don’t need consent. This was a marriage record not a medical record in which one would need consent…..You can get marriage record if you pay the right search personnel. Pretty much like the background check any new hire gets, They look into any and all records, excluding medical records……..

    • Guest

      While I don’t have an opinion on whether this document is fake or not, marriage licenses are in the public record, which means anyone can access them if they want to take the time to look.

  • Miriam

    Dr Kerry got pregnant in a casual relationship. He(N) did not want to marry her. For the sake of her image, her PR and Nnamdi decided to fake a marriage. Look at them, do you see wedded bliss or this for show?. Ain’t no real marriage Y’all. Her PR would have you believe they been dating 3 yrs, No way. He has birthed another child in 3 yrs. But K PR ain’t mentioned his kids. Tea spilling, unfold and unfold.

  • Suze

    RE: Nope a marriage certificate is a public record. Anyone can see it.

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