The Ladies of New York City go Crazy Over Derek Jeter

December 8, 2009 at 10:50 am by Terez in Derek Jeter, New York Yankees

Terez, I'm the sportsman of the year and rich..who cares if I have an STD..

Terez, I'm the sportsman of the year and rich..who cares if I have an STD..

The ladies of New York City go crazy over Derek Jeter – almost literally. One in particular – a hostess from Nino’s Positano at 47th and Second – got so worked up over the Yankee captain that she caused some major drama outside his Tudor City pad late Sunday night. An insider dishes that the star shortstop ordered in from the Italian eatery – where he’s a regular – and the very thought of him caused the fairly new employee to go into a tizzy. “She started freaking out on the phone when she realized who it was,” the insider said, “and basically begged the delivery guy to take her with him.” The delivery guy, who looked less than comfortable with the request, offered to let the lass come along and wait outside the building, but not go upstairs. “Jeter is a very important customer to [the restaurant’s owner] Nino Selimaj,” the insider says. “He even named a chicken entree after Derek and has a special private table in the back that’s available to him whenever he wants it. The kid knew better than to upset Derek – and Nino for that matter – by bringing a crazed fan do his doorstep.” But the hostess didn’t give him much of a choice: Once outside the building, we hear, she grabbed the food and tried to charm her way inside, begging the doorman to let her go up and meet Jeter with his dinner. “I’m his No. 1 fan,” she yelled. Several tenants in Jeter’s posh lobby stopped to look at the woman, who was practically pleading at that point. But her cryin’ didn’t work: Spies say the doorman immediately escorted her out of the building and delivered Jeter’s cuisine to his door personally. — NY Daily News

What is it about Jeets the ladies love…his herpes?? -TO

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