The Baseball World Is Turning To Art!

June 12, 2017 at 5:12 am by Terez in Major League Baseball

Toronto Blue Jays players Jose Bautista and Marcus Stroman are enjoying one of their strongest statistic personal seasons to-date, and one would imagine is has something to do with the mindset both are in, which obviously starts at home. Both MLB players are surrounded by art at their homes created by famed artist Daniel Mazzone, whom has been coined ‘The Next Andy Warhol’ by many art collectors. The baseball stars have been big fans of Mazzone’s from the start of his career, which began as a homeless youth on the streets of Toronto, Canada. These days, hanging in Bautista’s home – which he says helps motivate him daily – is a Mazzone piece of Michael Jordan with the text “dream big” on it. And after seeing Mazzone’s work at Bautista’s house, Blue Jays pitcher Stroman bought a piece featuring the legendary Jackie Robinson. In a recent interview Stroman gave credit stating, “The amount of detail he puts into it is crazy – it’s so intricate. I respect how meticulous it is. I get lost looking at different sections and the way he melds art and history.” Art and baseball… they sure go hand-in-hand. And it may be safe to say, Mazzone may just be a good luck charm. Tampa Bay Rays owner Randy Frankel just bought some pieces, hoping to jump on the lucky bandwagon as his team sits low in the standing currently! Art clearly pays. Check out another pic below.-TO